Our testing process is rigorous and our products can withstand it.

Intertek Test Results 711 Flat Swivel – January 2008
North Carolina State University Furniture Center Test Results 711 Flat Swivel – 2007
Intertek Test Reuslts for Memory Return Swivel – December 2011
Intertek Test Reuslts for Polymer Swivel – June 2012

“Tough Test” Furniture Swivel Product Testing at Faull & Son, LLC
Please take a look at our latest test results completed at the Intertek Testing Facility in Michigan. Our swivel completed 500,000 revolutions with 500 lbs stacked on it.

At Faull & Son, LLC, our goal is to manufacture the highest quality, longest lasting bar stool swivels and rocker box swivels on the market. With this in mind, we strive to maintain a rigorous program of both in-house and independent testing. You can see the results for yourself. The toughness and durability of our products stands out against the competition.

In the photos below, the Tough Test device designed by our engineers gives a true torture test of our products. This tester applies excessive torque through the axis of the swivel as well as extra friction against the nylon ring bearings. So far our Swiv-lon® bar stool swivel has completed 1,750,000 revolutions with flying colors. There has been no central rivet loosening or noticeable wearing of the nylon ring bearings. Likewise, our swivel rocker completed the rocking-swivel test in excellent condition.