Q: How can I view the status of my order?

A: Call our office during business hours and we will be happy to give you a status update.

Q: What are your shipping costs?

A: You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. However, final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order.
Please also refer to Store Policies.

Q: What is a “full race bearing”?

A: “Full race” refers to the full 360 degree contact of the two surfaces of the swivel bearing. Our bearings, designed, engineered and patented by Faull & Son, are unique in that no steel balls are used. Our furniture swivels use two nylon rings that have true “full race” contact and turn against each other. There is no steel-against-steel movement or nylon-against-steel movement. Both independent and in-house testing have consistently shown that even after 1,000,000 turns, there was minimal wear evident on the high strength nylon rings. An other benefit is that our bearings never need lubricating.

Test the difference yourself. When you sit on a Faull & Son bar stool swivel, the ride is smooth, comfortable and quiet. You cannot feel or hear the balls moving like you do on a typical swivel, because there are none. We believe this is the future in furniture swivels, and Faull & Son is proud to be the leader.

Q: Why won’t my new swivel turn?

A: Our furniture swivels are only meant to turn easily when installed on the stool or chair. The rivet tightness is precisely set by our punch press to allow just the right amount of torque. You cannot turn them with your two hands, nor are you supposed to be able to turn them. If you put one on a carpeted floor, stand on it and twist (do not try this if your balance is not excellent), you will be able to turn it easily.

For installation, you will need to turn one plate 45 degrees to the other for access to the holes and/or slots through which the bolts go. After installation, sit down on the chair and try it out. You will be satisfied that you have bought the world’s smoothest, quietest furniture swivel available on the market.

Also consider that when the children come running by your chair or bar stool with a Faull & Son furniture swivel installed on it and try to give it a spin, it is not going to whirl like the common chair swivel allows. No little one is going to be hit in the head by that flying armrest.

Q: How do I know if your swivel will fit my bar stool?

A: If you are planning to use our bar stool swivel as a replacement, we recommend that you first remove the old swivel from your bar stool and then measure it and the position of the holes. Our furniture swivel for chairs and barstools are 7” square and are usually acceptable for replacement of 6 ¾” up to 7 ¼” bar stool swivels. We are currently evaluating the production of other sizes.

Q: How do I know if the slotted mounting holes will fit my chair?

A: Our slotted holes are measured from one hole center to the next, with the range from
4 ¼” to 6 ¼” to allow for variation and ease of screw placement. If you are using the swivel as a replacement, first remove the old swivel and measure the position from one screw hole across to the other. This measurement should fall within the above range. If necessary, we recommend drilling new holes in the wood after tracing the slotted holes onto the bar stool with a pencil. Please call if there are questions about this – (800) 922-6416.

Q: Why doesn’t my old swivel look anything like the swivels you sell?

A: We have decided to manufacture only those chair and bar stool swivel products that have a reasonable demand in the market. Please carefully read and study our website and then remove and measure your old swivel before making a purchase. If you need a replacement bar stool or chair swivel, try to match up your swivel with what you see on our website.

Check to see if the plates are both the same or if one is round and one is square, like our heavy duty bar stool swivel for steel stools. Is one plate bigger than the other, like our bar stool swivel that allows the wooden legs to be directly mounted to the swivel? Please call us if you have any questions – (800) 922-6416.

Q: What is the difference between a flat swivel and a tilted swivel?

A: The flat furniture swivel is made primarily for chairs or bar stools that do not have a back, although there are exceptions. If the chair or bar stool has a back, then it usually will require a tilted bar stool swivel to allow the person seated to comfortably rest against the back.

Simple inspection of your barstool swivel will usually reveal which kind you need. If two of the edges have been bent by the manufacturer, this is a tilted furniture swivel. If you look at the swivel from each side, you will see that it is either symmetrical (flat) or asymmetrical (tilted).

Q: What if I buy the wrong swivel or it doesn’t fit?

A: As recommended above, make sure you take the old swivel off your chair, measure it and study our website before you purchase. We charge a 20% restocking fee plus shipping for incorrectly ordered products.

Q: What is a marine swivel?

A: Marine swivels are rust-resistant. Our stainless steel and polymer chair swivels are excellent for outside use, such as poolside furniture or fishing boat swivel chairs. They have full race nylon bearings with no steel balls. Our swivlon bearing can take a beating, even in a salt spray environment.

Q: How do I install the swivel rockers?

A: The 800/805 and 900/905 swivel rocker boxes are installed with the swivel fixed to the legs and the rocker box attached to the chair. The swivel is always on the bottom. The photos show an upside down view so you can see the swivel better. It is very important when installing these swivel rocker units to be sure to put the 5th spring in the front on the 800 series and in the back on the 900 series.

Q: How can I make my swivel last longer?

A: There is nothing you should do to make it last longer. Do not use lubricant, WD-40 or anything else on it. It is pre-lubricated in the factory. Most of our products come with a one year warranty..

Still have a question?

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